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Atlantic Design Engineers, Inc. is a Civil and Environmental Engineering firm consisting of professional engineers, environmental scientists, surveyors, operations specialists, and support personnel concentrating in the disciplines of civil engineering, land surveying, renewable energy and environmental engineering/air quality design. Representative clients range from municipalities to private industry to state and federal government agencies.

Renewable Energy

Narragansett Bay Commission Wind Turbines

The Narragansett Bay Commission (NBC) owns and operates the wastewater treatment facility (WWTF). Atlantic Design Engineers provided survey, civil engineering, permitting and construction inspection services for the three wind turbine project on the Fields Point Wastewater Treatment Facility property located in Providence, Rhode Island. The project is arguably one of the most space constrained multi-MW projects on the country and the largest to date in Rhode Island. NBC set, and successfully completed, a goal to offset their energy dependency using renewable energy.

Greenwood Meadows Solar Project

Atlantic performed survey and engineering services for the design and permitting of a 4.0 MW solar panel array located on a 63 acre parcel of land in Sandwich, MA. After the Town of Sandwich passed a bylaw allowing, by special permit, large scale ground mounted solar photovoltaic installations, the developers of the Greenwood Meadows residential community proceeded with the 16 acre solar field project in conjunction with S+C Electric of Chicago.

As a key member of the project's permitting team, Atlantic assisted in obtaining approvals from the Cape Cod Commission, Sandwich Planning Board, FAA, MA Dept. of Fish and Game as well as the Mass. Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs. Atlantic's design services consisted of preparation of site plans, stormwater and erosion control design, site grading and balance of earthwork activities and delivery/maintenance access road design. During construction, Atlantic provided construction inspection services as well as detailed survey stakeout, ranging from pile locations to grading cuts and fills.

Civil Engineering & Land Surveying

Connet Woods Development, Rochester

Connet Woods is a residential cluster subdivision on 566 acres of land in Rochester, MA subdivided into 115 residential lots. Atlantic participated in road design, drainage, site survey, permitting and site plans. Connet Woods is not yet completed, however, it already houses many families.

Independence Mall, Kingston

The Idependence Mall is an 820,000 square foor regional shopping mall in Kingston, MA. Since opening in 1989 Atlantic has been contracted for consulting, management and design for the growing mall.
Various expansion projects have included drainage and access road modifications, commercial additions including Macy's and Target, as well as consulting and design work for the new Regal Cinemas movie theaters.

Environmental Consulting & Management

Rosebrook Place Underground Storage Tanks

In May 0f 2013, three underground storage tanks (USTs) known to contain/previously contain gasoline were located during excavation activities. Atlantic was called and immediately arrived on-site to perform organic vapor testing to assess potential site contamination. It was determined that due to the age of the tanks gasoline had released from the USTs and impacted surrounding soils, triggering an immediate response action at the Site. Atlantic became the environmental consultant for the IRA and removal of the tanks began a few days after discovering the USTs.

Atlantic supervised the removal of three USTs, excavation and stockpiling of 150 yards of impacted soils, testing of soils, installation of monitoring wells and analysis of groundwater, and managed all compliance services with Mass DEP. Atlantic filed a Class A-1 Response Action Outcome for Rosebrook Place on September 6, 2013, classifying the Site as contamination levels reduced to background and no further action required.

Cook Medical Sterilization Facility

Atlantic has been involved in operations permitting, facility design and diagnostic testing with Cook Medical of Indiana since 1993. The facility currently operates Ethylene Oxide sterilizers able to sterilize heat sensitive medical products for distribution. Atlantic is currently performing a diagnostic test program to minimize Ethylene Oxide off-gassing and create a more effective sterilization cycle using nitrogen backwashes.

Methodology and resulting data will be incorporated into future designs for sterilization systems in and out of the country. Atlantic also hopes to create a more effective sterilization process at all facilities while providing a safer employee working environment through minimized exposure to Ethylene Oxide.

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