Solar Energy Services

Atlantic provides design, engineering and implementation services from concept to completion for utility and large scale commercial solar facilities. Our working knowledge of the latest solar technologies allows us to provide a fully integrated scope of engineering services for residential, commercial and municipal solar projects.

Site Identification & Assessment

Conceptual Planning

Utilizing GIS mapping technology Atlantic conducts initial site analyses and prepares conceptual site plans for both commercial and residential ground mounted and roof mounted solar panel arrays. Our preliminary analysis of a site provides important up-front information such as solar array locations and total array enery potential.

Based on site specific grading, geographical latitude and racking system an optimal spacing is chosen to balance power production, efficiency and rated output (Total Panels).

Engineering & Construction

Project Management

Atlantic's professional staff, including civil and environmental engineers, environmental scientists, land surveyors, and renewable energy specialists, is committed to a timely completion of high quality engineering and permitting for any project. Atlantic has been involved in renewable energy projects for over 15 years and, through experience, has gained imperitive knowledge needed to complete all stages of a wind or solar project.


Vega Baja Array

Atlantic prepared a preliminary site plan for the 10 MW solar farm using background information and existing survey plans provided by the client as well as available information from local and state GIS to layout the ±40,000 solar panel array.

Project Feasibility and Assessment

The feasibility of a project is kept in mind from beginning until construction. Whether a roof mounted residental solar project or an industrial scale wind turbine it is important to evaluate the project financially. Through fifteen years of both solar and renewable experience Atlantic has gained valuable insights to understanding individual projects.


During construction, Atlantic provides construction inspection services as well as detailed survey stakeout, ranging from pile locations to grading cuts and fills. Atlantic is present every step of the way to make sure that the project is completed smoothly and in a timely fashion. In the picture below you can see atlantic performing a survey stakeout for an upcoming solar field.

Permitting and Management

Atlantic's involvement in these permitting processes and the local Planning Board Special Permit process, consist of preparation of site plans, stormwater and erosion control design, site grading and balance of earthwork activities and delivery/maintenance access road design.

Renewable Services Summary

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