Civil Engineering and Professional Land Surveying

Atlantic’s State-of-the-Art workstations and technology enable us to provide comprehensive design services through the use of fully automated CAD workstations operating an extensive variety of engineering software packages. Atlantic's computerized design capabilities include coordinate geometry, subdivision/site layout, hydraulic and hydrologic design, traffic analysis, road plans and profiles, grading plans, topographic mapping, groundwater and air quality modeling, and landscape design.

Residential Services

Subdivision Design

Our subdivision design services are enhanced by the use of our CADD systems utilizing a wide variety of engineering software packages. Atlantic Design Engineers (ADE) computerized design capabilities also include coordinate geometry, stormwater hydraulics, water pressure/flow analysis, earthworks, grading, and traffic analysis.
The fully automated CADD system allows us to study several alternative designs in the early, conceptual planning stages of a project.

Lot Design

In addition to subdivision design and survey, ADE can also provide individual lot owners with survey and engineering services such as:

  • Perc Tests
  • Septic Designs
  • Site Plans
  • House/Lot Stake-out
  • As-Built Certifications

We can handle any and all aspects of your civil engineering project needs from conceptual planning through construction.

Affordable Housing

Atlantic provides project management throughout from conceptual planning through construction. Services for affordable house projects include:

  • Conceptual Site Planning
  • Management of Perc Tests
  • Site Plans
  • Parking/Access/Loading Design
  • Grading and Drainage System
  • Water and Septic Layout
  • Utility Layout
  • Design of Erosion Control Measures
  • Landscaping and Lighting Design
  • Permitting
  • Site Survey
  • Construction Management


Stormwater and Drainage

Atlantic manages the preparation of existing conditions plans for identification and mapping of stormwater infrastructure to develop plans and treat the origination of stormwater. A professional field survey using GPS technology and conventional survey methods are performed to delineate the contributory area for the most accurate calculations. Test pits are also performed if necessary while locations and elevations are identified by a subcentimeter GPS survey.
Drainage systems are also designed in accordance with Town and State standards to minimize runoff, limit off-site runoff rates at or below existing conditions, and to maximize infiltration and recharge. Drainage calculations are prepared for submittal to the Town, if necessary, including an Operations and Maintenance Plan for the stormwater system.

Construction Plans and Management

Through our advanced workstations and survey capablilities we provide full site plans for any project during the permitting and construction processes. During construction, stakeouts are performed to ensure construction is not encroaching onto abutter properties and inspections are performed periodically to assess compliance with design and construction plans.

Roadway Profile and Site Design

Atlantic provides site layout design including parking, loading, signage, striping, vehicular and pedestrian access refined and finalized with geometric data and dimensions. Parking, pavement, curbing, traffic signage and striping are designed in accordance with standard engineering and highway department methods, client requirements and Town standards.

  • Preparation of Grading Plans
  • Roadway Layout
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Permitting
  • Stormwater and Drainage System
  • Project Survey
  • Autoturn Analysis Study

Proposed projects are graded according to standard engineering practice and criteria set by the client and/or the Town, if any. The grading, in general, is designed to minimize cuts/fills and disturbed areas.

Foundation, Septic and Utility

Foundation design and Septic systems for the new or existing buildings are designed in accordance with State Environmental Codes and any local Board of Health Regulations. Included with any Site Plans or Construction Plans Atlantic can provide Gas and underground utilities (telephone, electric, cable, etc.), Design of Erosion Control Measures, Landscaping and Lighting Design and any necessary details for a project.

Professional Land Surveying

Atlantic Design provides in-house full service professional land surveying whose expertise in includes Hazmat Site Survey, Topographic & Hydrographic Survey, Property Line Survey, Road Layout and Building Layout. Our surveying capabilities allow us to perform construction inspections to ensure that projects are developing smoothly and that errors are minimized or eliminated in the process. Survey capabilities also include wetland delineation and identification of wetland resource areas.

Commercial Engineering

Permitting Services

Permitting is required for development, requiring complete engineering plans, roadway and profile design as well as any grading plans and calculations. Atlantic has been highly involved in permitting stages of many projects beginning with cell towers in 1987 through permitting of wind turbines and solar farms in the most recent years.

Golf Course Design and Development

Atlantic has been involved is the design, permitting and development of multiple golf courses throughout the new engalnd area. Representative projects include The Ridge Club, Chiltion Hall Golf and Country Club and Ballymeade Country Club. Through using the newest civil 3D AutoCAD systems and workstations Atlantic can handle large scale projects and study alternative designs in the early, conceptual planning stages of a project.

  • Conceptual Site Planning & Development Analysis
  • Conceptual Golf Course Routing/Master Plans
  • Irrigation Water Supply Design Permitting
  • Stormwater Drainage Analysis and Design
  • Wetland Delineation and Permitting
  • State, Local and Federal Permitting
  • Perimeter, Topographic, & As-Built Surveys
  • Clubhouse Site Design and Permitting
  • Construction Stakeout & Inspection
  • Traffic and Environmental Reports
  • Multi-family/Condominium Site Design and Permitting
  • Water Withdrawal Permitting
  • Water Quality/Groundwater Impact Studies

Automobile Dealerships

Atlantic Design Engineers, Inc. is a full service civil engineering company whose expertise in the design, permitting and construction of automobile dealerships includes:

  • Conceptual Site Planning
  • Maximization of Vehicle Storage
  • Customer and Service Parking
  • Delivery Truck Access
  • Stormwater Drainage Analysis & Design
  • Topographic and As-Built Surveys
  • Grading Design
  • Sewer, Septic, and Wastewater Treatment
  • Construction Stakeout Inspection
  • Pollution Prevention Plans
  • Landscaping and Lighting Design
  • Environmental Impact Reports
  • State, Local and Federal Permitting
  • Traffic Impact Assessments

Coastal Engineering and Design

Services generally include a topographic/location survey of the property or area to establish existing conditions. The survey will establish mean high and low water, high tide level, flood zone levels, coastal banks as well as location of all structures, walks, seawalls, groins, etc. Site design plans for the beach nourishment, sea walls, etc. include site grading, sections, details, erosion control measures, and staging/access areas to satisfy both permitting and DEP requirements. Volume calculations for any fill to be placed may also be provided.


Traffic Impact Analysis

The required parking for planned projects or a Site's the change in use are analyzed for conformance to town bylaws. Trip generation calculations may also be performed for the present and future uses. Trafiic analysis also include evaluations of intersection accident rates, existing geometry, speeds, traffic control, and other physical site features. Studies may also include:

  • Traffic Counts/Data Collection
  • Trip Generation/Distribution
  • Intersection Capacity Analysis
  • Accident/Site Distance Analysis
  • Grading and Drainage System
  • Report Preparation
  • Traffic Counts/Data Collection
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